Buy Certified Organic Produce

Contact us to buy freshly picked organic produce from our member farms. Receive a weekly listing of available produce that will be picked to order and packed according to industry-recognized standards. FLO works with stores, restaurants, small-scale processors, organizations and individuals with bulk orders. Delivery can be arranged to many points in New York State.

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Seasonal Produce List

Early spring:
Root crops that have overwintered in the ground: burdock root, parsnips and sunchokes.

Late spring:
Asparagus, garlic greens and garlic scallions, culinary herbs (chives, garlic chives, thyme, oregano, tarragon, rosemary, sage), mesclun, snap peas, snow peas, parsley, radishes, ramps, rhubarb, spinach.

Basil (sweet, purple, thai), blueberries, green beans, yellow wax beans, dragon tongue beans, cantaloupes, cilantro, culinary herbs, beets, bell peppers, braising mix, broccoli, carrots, green and red chard, cucumbers, dill, edamame, edible flowers, eggplant, hot peppers, kale, leeks, lettuce, mesclun, melons, mints, parsley, summer squash (green, gold and raven zuke, patty pan, cousa, yellow summer, zephyr), heirloom tomatoes, red tomatoes, yellow tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, plum tomatoes.

Apples, basil, beets, bell peppers, braising mix, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, burdock root, red and green cabbage, carrots, celeriac, green and red chard, cilantro, collards, Concord grapes, cucumbers, culinary herbs, daikon, dill, edible blossoms, eggplant, garlic, hot peppers, kale (green, red russian, toscano) , leeks, lettuce, mesclun, mustard greens, nuts, onions (Ailsa Craig, red, yellow), parsley, parsnips, potatoes (red, gold, white, all-blue, cranberry, fingerling, russet), pumpkins, radishes, rutabagas, shallots, spinach, sunchokes, turnips, winter radishes, winter squash (buttercup, butternut, delicata, green acorn, carnival acorn, sweet dumpling, baby blue hubbard, sunshine kabocha, spaghetti).

Winter storage crops:
Beets, burdock root, cabbage, carrots, garlic, onions, parsnips, potatoes, rutabagas, turnips, winter radishes, winter squash.




Why buy certified organic produce from farms near you?

  • It's fresh-and it doesn't take a lot of fuel to get it to you.

  • It's nutritious and it tastes great-because it's grown on healthy, living soils.

  • It's grown without the use of synthetic pesticides--good for people with sensitivity to environmental toxins, good for farmers and farmworkers, good for the environment.

  • It's an opportunity to learn about seasonal foods-it's not all broccoli, all the time.

  • It helps local organic farmers stay in business, keeping land productive and rural communities alive.
  • Learn more about sustainable agriculture:

    Learn more about the benefits of organic food:


    Contact Finger Lakes Organic Growers Cooperative at (315) 587.4597